Since the Focus Group I attended with Playtex I have kept in contact with them. Recently I started chatting with the lovely Katherine about shapewear. She sent me this interesting email:

” From Hourglass To Apple

– Half of women set to wear control underwear to this year’s Christmas party as their waists increase by 8 inches –

With Christmas party season just around the corner, new research from Playtex has revealed that nearly half (41%) of British women will be reaching for their control pants as they don their party dresses and dash to the dance floor this year.

Brits are streamlining their silhouette with control underwear to tackle their changing body shapes – with the average woman’s waist measuring 8 inches more than the svelte ladies of the 1950s. 60 years ago, the average woman was a petite hourglass, with a small 26-inch waist, 37-inch bust and 39-inch hip. Now we’re much broader on the waist – measuring an average 34-inches – sporting an apple shaped figure with 38-inch busts and 40-inch hips.

Playtex is famous for providing the perfect fit and the right level of support, having launched into the UK in the 1950’s we’re now a household name. By 1955 Playtex was shipping 12,000 girdles from the United States – as the lingerie of choice for fashionable women of the day – every week; giving a generation of women the famously curvy, hourglass silhouette that recently returned to the catwalks with Mad Men mania. We believe that “Feeling better than ever” starts with wearing the perfect fitting bra.
Playtex have conducted extensive research over two years, to understand what you are looking for in a bra and gather your thoughts on what’s currently out there on the high street. Our mission is to listen to you and give your view.


Playtex launched in the UK in 1955 and quickly became a household name. Over half a century later, Playtex is still helping British women look and feel fabulously feminine.

1955 Playtex UK is established in Port Glasgow; importing girdles from the US and selling them to UK customers. Dorothy Perkins sells 12,000 girdles every week
1965 Playtex UK launches the iconic Cross Your Heart range
1968 Cross Your Heart is advertised on TV for the first time
1980 Playtex UK causes a stir by becoming the first brand to show bras on live models
2009 Cross Your Heart bra 152, the most famous of Playtex’s bras, celebrates 40 years and five million units sold
Playtex UK introduces the G cup to its range of bras in response to changing body shapes
2010 Playtex UK becomes the only lingerie to celebrate women aged 50+

With new styles, materials and larger cup sizes, Playtex UK is taking a fresh new direction by reaching out to the modern, 50-something woman and is proud to be the only lingerie label to celebrate women of this age.

Consumer research conducted by Playtex UK has shown that the most important factors for bra-wearers aged 50+ are everyday comfort (84 per cent), strong support (64 per cent) and an improved silhouette (60 per cent), which is why Playtex remains a firm favourite with women in this age group*.

From girdles to shapewear – Playtex has been making women in the UK look and feel good for over half a century

The legendary bra brand is back with a new collection that’s all about giving maximum comfort, great fit and a fabulously feminine shape.
Flower Lace bra
Lace Décor bra
Spiral Embroidery bra
Padded Microfibre (t-shirt bra)
Cotton Jacquard (launched November 2010)
The Pure Control range (launched Autumn 2010) includes Maxi, Waistliner and High Waist Long Leg

Since the 1950s, women have been turning to control underwear from Playtex. In 1955 Playtex’s original girdle (pictured below) was one of the first-ever control underwear products to nip ladies’ waists into shape. Today, Playtex’s range of Pure Control Shapewear (pictured below) continues to shape women’s figures. According to the research by Playtex, half of women (47%) say control underwear makes them feel more confident, and over a third (42%) agree that it makes them feel slimmer. What’s more, a quarter of women (25%) now wear control underwear up to twice a week to smooth and improve their silhouette.

Vital statistics

Playtex Marketing Manager Marica Carleschi comments: “Women’s figures have changed dramatically in the years that Playtex has been making control underwear. Since our first girdle in 1955, we’ve led the way to offer women a range of Shapewear that enhances their silhouette whilst being invisible under clothes – giving women everywhere a confidence boost and shapely silhouette.”

Playtex Pure Control Shapewear is available in both black and skin, in three styles, Maxi (RRP £26.50), Waistliner (RRP £30.50) and High Waist Long Leg (£35.50).

Find Playtex at all good lingerie stores, independent retailers, Debenhams and IsMe To find your nearest Playtex stockist, visit and enter your postcode.

For your chance to win Playtex Shapewear and for offers and news from Playtex, visit our Facbook page

It’s interesting to read about how women are getting bigger yet still striving to keep those hourglass proportions. I am guilty of wearing shapewear on every night out and teaming a belt with pretty much every outfit – I love the way my proportions look!
I was very excited to try out the shapewear and received two lovely pieces in the post.

The first was this piece in a size L.

It’s been a long time since my bum was a size 16 and it was quite a struggle to get this piece on! As you can see it looks ok under my dress but due to my not so size 16 body it cut into my thighs a little too much.

And so I tried on this piece (although I really am not liking how that model appears to be having some sort of H&M malfunction…)

This was also a Large and as you can see it could do with being a smidge bigger, especially round my legs but it gave me an amazing flat shape all night long last night and was such a comfy piece of shapewear – and it didn’t roll down at all which is great as that is a problem I have had with previous short style pieces I have tried.

Playtex are not a company I have ever really heard of or tried but I think that they are starting to be really engaging and coming on strong.  They are listening to their customers and working with and for them.  The Focus Group, the creation of a UK Facebook page, the willingness to engage with bloggers – I look forward to see what Playtex have instore for us in 2012!


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