I have a love/hate relationship with magazines.

On the one hand I love a bit of celebrity gossip. Yet I hate the horoscopes. I adore the amusing photo captions. I dislike the scrutiny that celebs are put under due to their looks. I enjoy the readers’ stories. But I DETEST the fashion advice. This particularly riled me up…

Excuse me?! We should do WHAT?! And for what reason?! I wait for MONTHS to see some sort of fashion advice that is aimed at women who like to cover their thighs and cannot wear strapless dresses and THIS is what I get? A small tiny piece of writing that tells me in delicate terms that my ‘larger frame’ should basically be ‘shrunk’, covered up, have all of the attention drawn away from it because god forbid should anyone realise how fat I am, protect their eyes from how my figure may look in patterns! Oh, and just in case I am not clear on the sentiment there is a ruddy great arrow pointing at a recommended patternless, dark fairly shapeless garment that I should definitely buy in every shade of black and live the rest of my life in. I am ambivalent about my body at the best of times but I firmly believe that you should be proud of what you have and if you aren’t happy then make the most of it whilst taking steps to try and change it into something that you are more content with. The reason that fat women end up hating their bodies is because they are bombarded with endless pages and spreads and features and adverts giving them advice on what to wear that they cannot follow – links to shops that stop at a size 16, unattainable dress lengths, tiny hot pants, bodycon dresses. Then, squeezed in at the bottom of the page there in which fashion advice for the larger female in condensed into the simple line “Big-framed girls should avoid prints and opt for darker colours to flatter the frame.” Get with the times you so called ‘fashion magazines’ and start giving some valid useful fashion tips to those of use who have larger hips, a wobbly bum, a large pair of boobs – those of us who don’t have perfect shop mannequin like figures!

I went to an Evans focus group a few months back and I was lucky enough to meet the gorgeous like-minded Kathryn. Both of us are of a “larger frame” and we agreed that as bigger girls we didn’t want to hide away. Evans have a reputation of making some rather unflattering clothes that aim to swamp rather than flatter and this is NOT what us chubby girls want. We want to look and feel good just like our slimmer counterparts. We may not be able to dress ourselves in the kind of outfits that they can but does that mean that we have to lurk in the shadows in our ill fitting black tents trying to not to ‘upset’ anyone? No it bloody shouldn’t! People may comment and make remarks – well let them, this fat girl will not be dressing like a goth trapped in a marquee any time soon!

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