It has occurred to me that when talking about bras I do look to throw in a good shoe analogy. It really helps to explain so many things about bras in an accessible way. Here are some examples…

  • When you first buy a new pair of shoes they often rub a bit and feel a bit tight and need to be broken in. Just like a bra.
  • When you go to try on some lace up shoes or shoes with buckles you adjust the buckle/laces to feel comfortable to ensure the shoes are a good fit. Just like you should with bras and their shoulder straps.
  • After wearing shoes all day long you may find your feet bear the indents and red marks from them. If it tears your skin or repetitively blisters it then that is not a good sign but a little redness is normal. Just like with your bras.
  • You wouldn’t wear a shoe that was three sizes too small just because the shop doesn’t stock your size/you like the shoe/it’s cheap. So ditto for your bras!
  • Cheap shoes don’t last as long as the expensive versions. For a reason. The same applies to bras.
  • So what if you have bigger feet than your friend and need bigger shoes? Or vice versa? We are all different and wear different sizes in different items, especially in bras.
  • Shoe shop assistants should be hands on when checking if a shoes fits. Feeling where your toe is, making sure you are in the shoe properly, making sure you can walk in them. A bra fitter should do the same – adjust the straps, pull the band, make you try a top on over the bra.
  • As the day progresses you may need to adjust your shoe laces or buckles – just as you may have to do with your bras, though hopefully not as regularly!
  • You may not always be the same size in every pair of shoes, just as you may not be in every single bra.

I hope these little summaries made you smile and make you think. Let me know of any other shoes Vs bra fitting tips you can think of :)


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