I do like to think of myself as someone who embraces women of all sizes, genders, orientations, backgrounds and so on. This is probably why I was enraged when during my shopping trip yesterday I discovered two shops that did not stock bras below a 32 band. Those shops were Jack Wills and House Of Fraser.
Now the reason that I know of and was in Jack Wills was because my friend is a HUGE fan of them and wears their bras in a size that I think is several band sizes too big for her. She measures 30inches under her bust OVER THE TOP of a jumper…yet because her husband likes to buy her bras and likes to buy her Jack Wills she therefore wears 32 back bras. As shown in this video what you measure under your bust is generally what you need to wear – which means that she is almost definitely wearing the wrong size bra. So I was in there to see their bras for myself. The shop assistant told me that the bras ranged from a 32 back to a 36…yet something tells me that the Jack Wills models do not fall into those sizings:

I did tweet JW and to be fair they did respond with a generic answer – whilst probably laughing at my suggestion.

So why the lack of 28 backs?

It seems that a lot of stores are under the grave misconception that to wear anything smaller than a 30 back you need to be a malnourished child. Wrong. Take a look at this beautiful young woman:

Brittany from Thin and Curvy wears a 24/26 UK band. She is by no means a tiny waif like thing, she is slim, yes, but hourglassy – and probably too big for Jack Wills with that body! Fellow bloggers Cheryl and Kitty are also 28 back wearers and they look like your average young woman, they are also slender but nothing extreme. They are the same size as so many women we see every day so it stands to reason that so many women need bras that fit – there is nothing specialist about being sub 32 in bras. If shops refuse to cater for slimmer women and laugh at the idea of bras coming in such small sizes then we will be riddled with a nation of women who will have back problems and sagging breasts thanks to their too large back bands. I have heard tales from friends of shops who suggested they try the ‘training bra’ section when they have been in to hunt for items in the their small backed sizes. This lack of lingerie education has got to stop. Women are getting bigger, yes, but a lot are remaining thinner and they want support! Many companies do stock 28backed bras but it should be every company. The market is out there, some know they are the market, some need a gentle push in the right direction. Stores that stock lingerie need to provide products that fit, just as a shoes store does!

What are your thoughts?


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