So I’ve noticed that Pinup Girl clothing have a ‘Busty’ category on their website. I was excited until I clicked it – and saw that pretty much none of the dresses I own made it on there. I have several PUG dresses as shown in this post and my Heidi dress post and thanks to Black Friday that collection just got a little bit bigger.

As mentioned I have a Heidi dress obsession and so I just HAD to get my hands on the polka dot and black and cream versions, both in XL. They fitted perfectly over my 48inch 36H bust and I have even managed to persuade my bf to give me one of the for Christmas – deja vu as I discovered PUG due to him giving me the Micheline dress last Christmas!

Another dress that has been crying out to me for quite some time is the divine Greta dress in emerald green. I went for a 2XL in this beauty and it is possibly one of the most perfectly fitted dresses I have ever owned – I didn’t even need a belt with it!!!

The Film Noir dresses are a new line for PUG and although I liked the green version I decided that the rusty rose number was the one for me! Also in 2XL this is a perfectly fitted demure dress for me,  a must have for this colder weather.

My last dress is the one I am least sure about. It is the Ava in teal in a 2XL. It is very snug around the boobs and longer than I was expecting. Having said that it is my favourite colour and gives me an amazing silhouette and no doubt with a bit of an iron and a less ill and more made up George head on it it will look heaps better!

So that is my round up of the gorgeous styles that are boob flattering and plus size friendly from Pinup Girl Clothing. Feel free to ask me for advice on sizing and material or, even better, ask the amazing Facebook fans as they are the ones who help me out!

Black Friday, I love you!


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