As I am still fairly new to this blogging malarkey I have a right to be amazed at all of these SS12 press events that happen at this time of year – and I am loving them!
Recently I was invited to Simply Yours and Simple Be’s event and with promises of breakfast and a manicure on top of browsing delicious undies, clothes and accessories I could not resist!
I met up with fellow bloggers Cheryl and Rosie and thanks to the gods of sat nav we found our way!
We were greeted at the shop like venue by a waiter offering us juices and smoothies – what a lovely start! We were then introduced to lovely ladies of Simply Be and Simply Yours, including the beautiful Charlotte who I have been conversing with over emails for some time now.
Waiters and waitresses kept coming round with tiny breakfast canapes and fruit salad sticks, the perfect accompaniment to the feast of glorious garments and scrummy shoes that the room contained. From talking with some of the SB and SY employees it is very apparent that they have a massive emphasis on the fact that clothing should express who you are, not hide your shape and size. They talked about how their active presence on their social networking sites means that they can really get a good idea of what is working for them and what isn’t, gauge reactions and desires and just keep on top of what the fans what, which I find really encouraging. A few interesting new ventures were mentioned to me which I am very excited about and hope all will be revealed soon!
But anyway, without further ado these were my favourite pieces from the collection – brave yourselves for bright colours, florals, old classics in new designs…

My favourite piece has to be this patriotic Gossard bra, perfect for next year’s Olympics:

It was a fabulous day and great to meet and re meet some fellow bloggers. We descended on a pub afterwards and then Naomi, Lauren, Mhairi and I descended upon Oxford Street with out Simply Be bags to see what the shops had to offer!

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