As mentioned in this post I do own a strapless Deco and I find it is ok…yet I have only ever been brave enough to wear it in the halterneck style.
Until now.
Behold…Pepperberry’s strapless black and white dress…
Fresh out of the parcel and causing me to jump out of bed…wow! I know that I am *slightly* bulging out of this 18SC dress but my love of shrugs would hide that! I’m so impressed by the staying power of my breasts and the magnificent shape this dress gives me! And as it comes with the option of straps I can always chicken out from having completely naked shoulders – an alien feeling to me! I had to ask my sister to pick bridesmaids dresses with a halterneck earlier this year, something I know she wasn’t keen on. If only this style had been available to us, it proves that with the correct engineering breasts can be cajoled into staying in place without straps.

Top marks Pepperberry!

This dress can be found on eBay in abundance right now. I would recommend some severe upsizing – I could technically do with a 16SSDC in this but breathing is for wimps, right?

Let me know if you are brave enough and able to get your shoulders out and if you have any bra/tit tape/corseting tips and tricks to keep the puppies aloft!


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