It seems that Poland has really go it down when it comes to catering for an ample bosom. The glorious BiuBiu keep on making me and my body happy with their array of delicious boob friendly garments and Ewa Effuniak Michalak keep on bringing out delicious designs to keep small and large backed large breasted women just as happy as those at the other end of the scale.

As I mentioned in my previous post I loved their bras but found the 80H a tad snug in the cup. After wearing one of the bras for 12 hours at work I also decided that my next purchase would need to be bigger in the back as well – and so I recently ordered three bras in 85HH, the equivalent of 38HH/16HH.

The first bra I decided to go for was the Malachit as the colour is one that I love, I don’t know if I mentioned that before…
It is stunning in real life, with a gorgeous horizontal pinstripe detail, pretty lacing in an offsetting colour and has three hooks and eyes. The only downside is that the straps are only half adjustable, perfect for my broad shoulders but it will not suit everyone. It is rather heavily padded but that will be perfect for the nippier winter weather that is descending upon London. Sadly the matching briefs were not available in my size but as I have a whole drawer full of undies in every colour of the rainbow I am sure I will be able to partner it up.
The bra gives me glorious shape, keeps me supported and it so pretty. The cleavage is not quite as spectacular as my decos but I cannot fault the fit, design and of course colour.

The next set I tried was the Toffik, 85HH as before with a size 18 thong. I have seen many of my big boobied friends purchase and be so happy with this bra and I had to find out what it was all about…
I can see what the hype was about! The camel colour was a perfect nude for me and my skin tone, the bra gave me an amazing lift and shape and I of course loved the fully adjustable straps and three hooks and eyes. The thong did not cut into me at all and is probably one of the best fitting pieces of underwear I own. Not only a practical set, but a secure and sexy one as well.

Last but by no means least was the glorious Perelka set in a 85HH/18. I had assumed it would just be a practical pale set but it was so much more..the gorgeous lacey floral overlay glittered at me as I unpacked my precious purchase, and the detailing on the straps was exquisite and had me clapping my hands with glee.   A true masterpiece of a set.To me this fully adjustable three hooked bra could be used as an elegant and  comfortable  yet sexy bridal set or as something more practical thanks to the colour and detailing. The briefs were so comfy and were also that sexy twist on a basic style.

I have to say that I would possibly size up just one more cup if I were to order from EM again whilst at my current size as I well and truly filled the cups but could possibly do with trying a J for comparison. I found them to not quite contain my side boob but they are three of the prettiest nicest bras I have – and as they are padded I love them even more!


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