Sexy Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

17 Nov

A few weeks ago I went along to the Ann Summers ‘Sexy Search’ final. It was promoted as being a search for ‘real women’ and although I hate that term as seen in this post I took that to mean women who were not typically supermodelly height and body wise and felt nervous but relieved by what presumably lay ahead.
Oh how wrong I was.
I was the downfall of my own argument.
Real woman are of course every woman, and every woman on that day just happened to be slim, tall, stunning and long haired. I have never felt less sexy and it was a bit of a wake up call with regards to my size and something I have since started to once again try to change. I won’t deny that it was a fun if very long day. It was a pleasure to meet Jacqueline Gold, not so much to be asked to dance for her as usually I need more clothes and alcohol and less lighting to do a thing like that! The panel were fun and asked some good questions but I already knew I was not going to beat the other beautiful girls – what company wants a wobbly heffer like me to represent it? When the final ten were selected I was extremely happy to see one heavily tattooed girl get through and one of the three ‘plus size’ girls. I looked forward in anticipation to the campaign video as I was of course secretly rooting for Lucy, the larger girl.

And so the advert was aired…

Wow, sexy, scorching, hot hot hot!!! But where is where is the beautiful Lucy? I see sexy slim beautiful girls who yes, deserve to have been chosen but I don’t see the one girl who breaks the mould slightly and has a little more curve and shape than the others (in my opinion!) Subconsciously the decision has already been made for us and Lucy Moore is not destined to gain our vote or so it seems.
Well tough, I want Lucy to win as I saw her on the day and she was a stunningly beautiful lovely girl who wept tears of joy when she was selected to be in the top ten.

VOTE FOR HER HERE and let’s prove that big girls are just as sexy as slimmer ones, even if they are  still shunned by the media and clothing lines.

I was very honoured sent a Kissing Cleavage Basque to review by one of the wonderful Ann Summers women who I had the pleasure of being in contact with during the whole process and who was my personal agony aunt on many occasion. I tried it on in store in a size 22 (the biggest) and although it still didn’t fit perfectly on the boobs and the matching thong slid right off me I still found it to give my boobs an amazing shape:

It is laced as tight as it can go and yet there is still a bit of room, something which I wish wasn’t the case as it would be a bit more flattering if it could squeeze my gut in a bit more. My boobs spill out of the cups in every direction and I would not feel safe wearing this out of the house for a fancy dress night or anything else. This to me is a great shame as I do struggle to find sexy babydolls and basques due to the fact that most stop at a D or go by body size.  I love that this basque has a corseted back which really helps shape it to any body, if only it was for any boob as well.  My body is around a 14/16 without the boobs and bum, yet my boobs are over a size 22, I would say a size 26 would have been best but I wouldn’t have been able to tighten it sufficiently. Come on Ann Summers, you are amazing at what you do, I love that you make bras up to a H cup not, I love that you hosted this sexy search, but I wish you made basques and other sexy items for us bustier girls. Even the + range cannot quite accommodate me. So many people are able to go to Ann Summers as their first port of call for sexy outfits, please do not shun us ladies who have a little more in the chest area. I know that Ann Summers have come such a long way and do so well and so I also know how they can change and revolutionise things.

9 Responses to “Sexy Comes In All Shapes And Sizes”

  1. Kim Slawson November 17, 2011 at 12.53 #

    Georgina, I fully agree with you about the disparity in sizes, and I’ve voted for Lucy!

    • Katherine November 17, 2011 at 12.53 #

      I’ve voted for her too. The others all looked like lingerie models. Although one was 35 (which at nearly 42 I find very heartening).

  2. Bras I Hate November 17, 2011 at 12.53 #

    The weird thing, although I hate to say this, is that although they mention the “real women” tagline in the ad, the style it’s filmed in really doesn’t communicate that vibe. I mean, they are literally on a runway. Very different from the sort of thing you see from Curvy Kate where the shoots appear to be sexy but still fun, supportive of the people involved and with diverse body types.

    Although I agree that the Ann Summers ad is sexy in its way, it really looks just like a Victoria’s Secret ad to me: beautiful girls, beautiful lingerie but no variety whatsoever in body types. The variety is sort of what I’d look for in a competition of this kind. I’m going to vote for Lucy too.

  3. confessionsofacurvygirl November 17, 2011 at 12.53 #

    There definitely needs to be more plus sized women in fashion adverts. This kinda makes me think about the Cacique plus sized bra commercial in the states. It was censored for some reason on a few major networks even thought the commercial was quite tasteful.

  4. Growth and Gains (@GrowthandGains) November 18, 2011 at 12.53 #

    I’m with on the fact they omitted her and theres something odd behind that. But when she is focused on, even in her individual shot, she looks uncomfortable. Almost like she feels over exposed or unsexy. And perhaps the other girls “gave good face.”

    I do think its particular showing the amount of “detail” shots they include with knee highs and the like–if you want to do a plus sized girl, use one you’d like to have details shown. Perhaps they didn’t think their plus sized contestant thoroughly or perhaps she was so uncomfortable on camera, they didn’t get anything good to show.

    I’m not saying its what happened, but its a possibility. Cuz I just found her sooo uncomfortable to look at.

    • fullerfigurefullerbust November 24, 2011 at 12.53 #

      I think what would have been equally sexy for a plus girl would be to show her running her hand down her waist, putting her hand on the back of her hair and covering her stomach in a suggestive way and so on. From what I heard she really worked it for the camera x

  5. Lena, Sweden November 18, 2011 at 12.53 #

    I agree with you – such a shame on such beautiful woman as Lucy…not getting the ad done. :(

    I get mostly upset with companies that manufacture bigger bras but still keep on putting the smaller sizes on a not so large breasted woman. It’s fine too but if I’m gonna buy a bra (on the net) please also show the collection on a larger breasted woman too. How on earth can we otherwise decide whether a bra style is the correct one or not, and that’s even before trying a size on.
    I guess the most of us larger breasted girls have an idea on what styles that would might work and which ones that certainly will not fit. But if the bra is shown on a smaller sized girl we will have no clue at all. :P

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