Last week I was lucky enough to wangle an invite to Panache’s SS12 collection preview.
Panache also make Cleo and Masquerade and I am a fan of all three brands, particularly the luscious Masquerade.
The event was hosted in a gorgeous hotel in Piccadilly and once again I experienced that joyous sensation of being a kid in a sweet shop when I entered that stunning room filled with gorgeous creations and a beautiful 32E model.

I was greeted by the adorable Heather and then showed round the new collections. It was fab to see so many old favourites being brought back in different patterns and colours. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a bra, wearing it to death and not finding anything else like it. Panache never let that happen and styles like the Tango and the Rhea and many more.

The stylish room was filled with sweets and bright posters and as I saw more of the collections I realised how well this fitted in. Panache as ever is the supportive safe range, old favourites and timeless classics. Cleo is the fun young stunning range and Masquerade is the more sophisticated sexy range. Panache are always listening to their customers, bringing out larger cupped padded bras and *fingers crossed* 26 backed bras. As I have said before they are evolving to suit the customers needs and cannot be faulted for that. They have a fabulous Facebook page where they constantly listen and ask the ‘fans’ about what they want and need and they have just joined Twitter. I cannot fault their prices, their designs and their wonderful enthusiasm for the blogging community. A flawless brand.


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