This next guest blog post is by a beautiful school friend of mine, a lusty lady who I have always been jealous of due to her banging body, incredible intelligence and amazing attitude. Here she shares her tale about ditching the bras altogether…

Isle of Wight Festival 2009: the beginning of the rest of my life. I have always been a curvy girl. I have always been happy and confident with myself, what I look like and who I am. But never would I have thought I would become an exhibitionist.

For the last four summers, I have been lucky enough to work with an extraordinary group of individuals, touring UK festivals. The company that I work for, FairyLove, is a beautifully inspired company; on the surface selling dress ups, from bespoke fairy wings to frilly knickers, yet coupled with a vision and desire to bring confidence and self belief to every person that walks through the door.

In 2009, they brought out a range of pasties, or as we like to call them, ‘tasties’! Being of a larger bust, I thought that I would embarrass myself by wearing them, feeling more like I was just jiggling my bits in people’s faces, like some vulgar wench, rather than an elegant and more modest image of a flat chested Gypsy Rose Lee.

But, I will try anything once, so at IOW that same year, I bit the bullet and emerged from my tent in a ‘modest’ flowery pair of tasties. And a cardigan. “Take it off!” my fellow fairies cried, “You look like you’re apologising for having your boobies out!” So I did. And I have never looked back. That same day, a few of us went on a walk around the festival and I have never had such a confidence boosting response. We even ended up with our photo in the Isle of Wight newspaper!

Since then, my fellow fairies and I have had hundreds of thousands of pictures taken at festivals, ended up in several newspapers including The Times and The Sun (not page 3 I might add), and even featured on the ITV festival coverage.

But none of these are real achievements in relation to donning a pair of tasties. The most inspiring moments are those when a woman comes into the stall, saying. unfortunately far too common things, like “oh no, I’m far too fat” or “my boobs are far too big/saggy/small/old/ugly/”, yet as soon as they get into a pair of tasties turn into a smouldering ball of confidence, ready to show the world!

I had a customer at Glastonbury this year, who said the most amazing thing anyone could ever possibly say. She was a lady in her early 50’s, just on a morning stroll through the festival when our stall caught her attention. She had a look around and said that she felt a bit too “peasant like” and wanted to look glamorous! We covered her in glitter and put flowers in her hair, and suggested a beautiful pair of tasties. At first she wasn’t at all keen, but we suggested she try them on and if she didn’t like them fair doos. Well, she loved them, and as she was leaving, she took hold of us and said “I hope you make many more women feel as fabulous as you have made me feel”. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Of course it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and not everyone understands it. More often than not, the usual response will be a pervy remark, a wolf whistle or, just someone shouting “TITS!!”. Not of course that we necessarily mind this, it is sadly expected in this kind of territory. However, it can be upsetting when people (often women) comment that it is disgusting, degrading or wrong. WOMEN thinking that their natural form, and the confidence to expose it is WRONG. I find this attitude incredibly upsetting, and believe it comes from one of two places; either because society has dictated that it is wrong, or because they think we are doing it for some sort of primitive response from men.

When I decide to put on a pair of tasties I am 100% doing it for myself. I have embraced who I am and feel I can express myself. I feel confident, I feel beautiful, I feel free and inspiring! I have changed other women’s lives and I recommend to every woman I meet, whatever shape or size, just to try them. Not necessarily in a field of thousands of strangers, but even if it’s just for you, or a partner, or with friends after a few glasses of wine, have the confidence to embrace your body and who you are; a beautiful, magnificent woman. I guarantee you will never look back!

What an inspiring read! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject of embracing your figure and being proud of what you have been blessed with.


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