When I heard that Masquerade had made a padded basque in an H cup I almost salivated. I have my Elomi non padded basque which I love, but you can’t beat the shape of a great padded bra. And so I ordered it from Bravissimo


The central gore and middle of the thong have got a gorgeous crystal button detail on them, and the satin and lace combination and pattern are just stunning. It is charcoal and black, perfect for winter and an extremely sexy shade. The middle of the body has a slight maroon seen that is very wintery and quite seductive.

The thong was a perfect comfortable fit in an 18 but it took a while for me to get the basque on as they are interesting creatures with all their hooks and eyes. I fastened it in front of me on the tightest hooks and then spent several minutes twisting it round. But it was worth it. Once I had tightened the half adjustable straps and composed myself I was ready to take a good look in the mirror. I liked what I saw, but I didn’t love it. My main reason for this was that due to my massive hips and comparatively small waist the boning stuck out at odd angles under my bust as it struggled to contain my proportions. This of course ruined the overall sleek streamlined look. It may have worked better had I had a shorted torso but I was built all wrong for it! I loved the cleavage and shape it gave my bust, I loved the sexy look of it but it just wasn’t for me which was a great shame.  However I can see it making a multitude of ladies (and their men!) very very happy as it is a stunning supportive creation. Not every piece of underwear suits every shape and it is important to remember that before dismissing and disliking something. The beauty of us women is that we come in many shapes and sizes and have many preferences, it would be boring if we all favoured the same items and if we all could fit into everything. This didn’t work for me but I can’t have everything!


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