Amy tells us about how a hobby has become so much more than that.

Now since graduating from University and coming back to my semi-rural existence, I have discovered, or rediscovered, several things. Mostly though, that there is no room for a bigger girl in a small town. Feeling invisible in bars full of off-duty tradesmen with a very narrow definition of beauty are not the perfect breeding ground for self esteem, and can knock even the most stalwartly of confidence. One (and very unlikely!) place then I have discovered a buck in the trend and an appreciation of all sizes of girl, the rugby club. I joined the girls rugby team on a bit of a whim. I wanted to try out a team sport again and why not choose a sport where maybe a smidge of excess weight is an advantage. I couldn’t ever have predicted then how empowering it would be. The girls who I now play with really are a team, every one of them supportive of each other, and always providing a much needed boost of a very ballsy sisterhood. A team where there is a role for every size of girl. You’re a slender tall girl? Lovely, out to the backs or on the wing please. Bigger girl? Great, use that to your advantage and get up into the forwards. Seeing my body as a tool, and appreciating what I believed to be flaws as strengths has been truly liberating. There is a reputation that all women who play rugby must be man-hating or lesbians, but I really do believe that is a vicious rumour spread by people intimidated by a little splurge of women’s empowerment. If women outside of just the rugby club could embrace different shapes and sizes, and work in a real sisterhood, I really do believe the world could be a easier place to exist in, and everyone could be just a bit happier. Don a very supportive sports bra, a pair of old trainers and a bit of grit, and there is more than just a few bruises to be gained.

Thank you so much for that Amy! Please leave a comment if you have any similar stories or if Amy’s story has inspired you to try out a new sport or hobby.


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