So Freya recently released their Taylor Deco. Any regular readers of my blog will know that I am OBSESSED with the Deco bras, despite the fact that they don’t QUITE fit me. However, I love padded and moulded bras and like my belt addiction it is a habit that I cannot quite kick!
I adored the look of the Taylor so much that I bought not only the plunge bra, but also the high waisted sexy retro looking briefs, the thong and a suspender belt. I am quite happy with my nude strapless Deco and so I did not give the strapless Taylor a go but check out Cheryl’s from Invest In Your Chest’s review here.
And so it arrived…
The bras itself has stiffer cups, rather like the Crystal, which has now actually stretched due to washing and wear and fits me very well. The Carly is said to be a similar fit as well. Therefore I found that it does come up a bit smaller on me and could be with being a few sizes bigger, as with all Decos, but with a bit of wear it will be almost perfect. The high waisted briefs were so sexy and something that I hope Freya continues to team with the Decos. The suspender belt…well…I was very disappointed! I got it in an XL, the biggest available and it really did not fit me! It sat stubbornly on my waist and refused to go over my 48inch hips – a great shame as I loved this feature as well and I hope that Freya can think about maybe making bigger briefs, thongs, suspender belts…and bra cups! Am I asking a lot?! The bra itself is just stunning, it looks so expensive, sexy and retro and it is sure to become one of my faves! And so, without further ado, here is how it looked on me in a 36GG/XL…


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