Plus size fashion retailers Simply Be recently picked their winner of this years model search – the delicious Abi Hill.

Abi is a completely stunning beauty and a very deserving winner. However, as she is at the smaller end of the ‘plus size’ scale this seems to have sparked some outrage amongst the Simply Be fans. Some of the comments can be seen here.
Most girls who are bigger have at some point received stick for the way they look – therefore it’s so nice to have online communities, forums and clothing stores that accept women of a larger size and embrace it. So imagine how hard it must be on these girls to read comments about them not being plus sized enough…now where do they fit in? Too big to be slim yet too small to be accepted in the plus size world. It’s tricky. Of course it would be nice to see a larger plus size model but it may take a while for that to happen and be accepted. Simply Be would indeed be doing something very daring and groundbreaking by picking a larger girl to represent their brand, but these steps forward take time and I guess they thought Abi was the best choice. At least they are giving bigger girls a chance which is more than some companies are prepared to do. And at least they actually use plus size models who could feasibly fit into their brand.
I personally would love to see a model with my very large bottomed and heavy busted shape, something that is almost happening with Evans new ‘Love Your Shape’ models.

However, I still feel that whatever size models are they are still fairly well proportioned which is not what I am – yet I know that I am unlikely to receive proper shape and size representation any time soon and I accept that. Well established companies are not as likely to take risks when it comes to choosing models as they are worried it may alter the way they are viewed. Sure, they will receive a huge round of applause from the larger ladies out there, but they may alienate women who are not as big. I think we should all be grateful for how far the fashion and the modelling world has come in terms of catering for us bigger ladies and just understand that it can take time for things to carry on evolving. There is no pleasing everyone and there is no need to rain on anyone’s parade.

Congratulations to Abi and to all of the ladies who took part in the competition – I am so jealous as I myself tried to make it through! You all looked completely stunning and I hope to see you girlies carry on taking over the fashion world. Remember – love your shape, it’s what makes you different and unique, but don’t do it at the cost of other’s feelings.


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