As I have mentioned I have trouble finding jeans that fit me due to my large bum. I usually stick to jeggings and my ever tired looking PZIs, yet recently I have been on a mission to find some high-waisted skinny jeans, something that I wish PZI would make. Having seen a friend have success with this pair I decided to try them on. Unfortunately the size 16 pair showed off my FUPA and they do not go up to an 18. I was therefore delighted to find this pair, also from New Look in an 18 online. I seemed to have grabbed the last pair in this style so unfortunately I cannot find a link for you.

As you can see they are not as high-waisted as they could be due to the size of my bum, but I absolutely bloody love them, they hold my fat in and, in my opinion, really flatter my shape. They are slightly stretchy which is a god send for me and my large curves. As winter is approaching I can see they will be fab for covering my muffin top and keeping my looking stylish!!!

The second pair I got were a size 20R from Next. I went for a 20 as I have previously found that Next skirts and trousers come up a little bit small over my bum. However, I think I shall be exchanging this ‘skinny’ pair for an 18:

The material is not stretchy so I am hoping that the 18 works as the fit, colour and style are perfect. I can see them looking fab when paired with a tight tucked in shirt and heels.

So my high waited skinny jean hunt has been a partial success, my faith in fitting my bum into denim in the UK has been restored, yippee!!!


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