Today I received my custom-made underbust corset from Canal Boat Trading. It was made swiftly, dispatched and delivered swiftly and the communication was excellent. I went for a Size 28, meant for a 32/33inch waist – mine is 33inches.

It was a slight struggle to get on but very easy to do up once in place and it gave me a lovely hourglassy shape. My waist felt even more defined and it really helped show off my figure. It was slightly uncomfortable to sit in, just like any corset but other than that I felt happy in it. The only thing I didn’t like was the length as my tummy and hips bulged out under it, however I felt that this could be smoothed out under a tight dress with some shapewear knickers. I may try this over the top of a dress at some point to see if that is a look that could work for me. This underbust corset is better for me than an ordinary corset as I don’t have the issue of trying to fit my boobs into it and I am mostly very happy with this product, if it were longer it would be perfect.


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