So today I received a rather exciting email:

I am over the moon as you can imagine! The emphasis for the competition seems to be on finding, although I hate the term, ‘real women’ and yet again I am discovering that my size is a help rather than a hindrance and the reason that I was picked was due to my plus size body, confidence and personality. I hope to rock out at the audition next week, fingers crossed!!!

I reckon I know which dress to wear but I really wanted some sexy shoes and so off I went in search of the perfect pair. It wasn’t long before I found these babies staring down at me from a shelf in New Look. Turquoise, buckled, fairly high but manageable heel…I had to have them! I tried them on with my jeggings and fell in love – not just with the shoes but the whole look. I am very much a dress girl when I go out but I was loving the denim and heel combo. The shoes came in a burnt orange colour as well which I though would go perfectly with this size 14 dress which was a perfect top length on me and would replace the manky old tops that are dying in my wardrobe. I also loved this size 14 tunic and so off I skipped home with my good news and perfect purchases.
Here is the final photoshoot, I think you will agree that the shoes are just perfect with jeans and will hopefully make me a winner next week:


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