So blogging…why do I do it?
Some people seem to think that bloggers are sales people in disguise and that they get sent free items in abundance that they try to flog to their poor unsuspecting readers. Well maybe that is the case but that certainly is not why I do it. I’m not going to lie, I have received some freebies as a way of saying ‘thank you’ from some companies – but that is just an added bonus and one I am extremely grateful for. It doesn’t mean that I write gushing reviews in the hope that I receive more magnificent gifts, but I rarely do bad reviews as I tend to steer away from items that do not work – with my figure most things do not work on me and my blog would be 5,000 posts long if I tried to cover them all! Occasionally you will see that I have written something less than positive about a product or point out some flaws, but I try to review items that I would keep the majority of the time.

So why did I start?
Well having done Star In A Bra and been seen in my smalls by everyone I knew I thought I may as well carry on with the whole reason that I entered the competition – to help women with my size and shape find clothes and underwear that fits and flattered. It took a little bit of a push from fellow blogger Cheryl but I am so glad that I did it as it has been an amazing experience so far. I am bigger than I sometimes feel happy with and I do wish to be a bit smaller but I think I do ok. I seem to be linked a lot on Yahoo questions as being an ‘overweight’ blogger which does upset me a bit as my title surely implies what it is I am and it really does not need to be expanded on any further – plus if you click on my blog you will surely form that opinion of me straight away!! I do also end up on some questionable websites but I also get some amazing mentions and reviews which make me glow with pride. I have struggled for years to work out how to dress my shape and where to buy underwear and I may as well share my findings. Getting amazing comments is first and foremost my biggest reason for not quitting in the early days and of course the freebies do help, but I spend a lot of my own money on items as well – but my eBay obsession is really helping my wallet as I am whittling down my wardrobe and fine tuning what I own and what I wear regularly.

This post was just for me to clear up the fact that I am an independent blogger who blogs for myself and others. Everything you read is my own opinion and an honest review.

Poser? Moi? Never!


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