I do try to steer clear of Pepperberry tops as I find them to be a tad short on my 5’7 frame – but then they went and released these amazing tunic style tops and I knew I had to give them a go…

I ordered them both in my ‘lower size’ 16SC and they were a perfect fit. As you can see I have a black bra on under them but it barely shows, even under the pink top. they were a perfect length for my long torsoed jegging loving body and I can see that a lot of women with similar figures to mine will be jumping for joy and rushing to get their hands on these. The sash tie helps nip me in at my beloved waist and the flare out over the hips creates that hourglass illusion that most women crave. I wouldn’t recommend these tops for women who are overly top heavy as they may find themselves swamped around the hips. A fabulous design Pepperberry, I hope to see more colours and maybe some thicker materials for winter and tank top styles for the summer.

I also ordered this casual tobacco shirt as I have been looking for a ‘painter’s shirt’ (as I call them) for ages. I decided to go for 18SC in this shirt as I was worried the buttons may have gaped with a 16 and sure enough it was a perfect fit around the bust, but I did add a belt to the waist, of course…

This shirt is just perfect! If it had been in any other alternative colour but cream I would have snapped that up too! It isn’t restrictive across the shoulders, it’s a fabulous length, it wasn’t overly creased and will hopefully remain so and it made me feel very feminine and streamlined. I hope that this will also be coming out in more colours and maybe more patterns – polka dot, checked and so on.

Top job Pepperberry (hehe) I now feel that me and my wardrobe can make the transition into Autumn and Winter a whole lot more smoothly with these flattering items that will look amazing with some layering, I am so glad to see you doing some longer tunic style tops.


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