Simply Be have a boob friendly range called Simply Voluptuous that I have been meaning to try for ages and finally got round to doing so recently. I decided to order a top and a dress, both in sizes 16 H-K. As I was browsing the online store I was pleased to see that in some styles you could not only select a different bust size, but also a different length of top, something that gives them a bit of an edge over Pepperberry as I know that a few PB customers have voiced the fact that tops are too short/long on many many occasions.

The Simply Voluptuous range starts at a 14 and goes right up to a 32, something that will of course upset those women who are at the smaller end of the busty market, but must be a blessed relief for anyone over a size 18 as that is the size that Pepperberry stops at.

So, without further ado I shall reveal my purchases…

This snakeskin top is just gorgeous! I must apologise for only taking one (bedhead!!!) photo but I took this a few weeks back and since then have managed to lose the top somewhere at my parental unit’s house. It has a sash which is one of my favourite features for a top or dress to have as I do like to emphasise my waist.  It is a fantastic length on me, although it is a tad snug on my hips and I think if I were to get this style again I would possibly upsize. And as you can see it is perfect across my chest and very very flattering. The snakeskin style is not for everyone but I am not everyone and I do like a splash of animal print – move over Kat Slater!   I would wear this to go out in or, as I have been doing, just casually in the day. The material does feel a little bit shiny but it doesn’t crease or scratch and so it works for me!

And now…drumroll if the you please…the fourth red dress to grace my collection (hello Chris De Burgh, call me)

Wow! What can I say…this dress is gorgeous! I did have to add a belt as I do like to do that kind of thing and yes, I would wear shapewear with it if I left the house but, seriously, wow, what a dress! The length is just perfect as I hate anything above my knees, the material is gorgeous and soft, the colour made sirens ring in my ears and it was such a flattering cut that I didn’t want to take it off!  It is a touch baggy across my waist, but I felt that if I downsized my hips would probably make a bid for freedom.  This dress could be worn to the office on a Friday and then you could go straight to the pub and clubs in it. It is demure enough to suit day wear but statement enough to be dressed up on a night out. It’s lucky I like red as I suspect I will be wearing it for quite sometime – but when it suits me this well I am happy to do so!

I think that Simply Voloptuous cater for that plus size busty gap in the market very well, I just wish they’re get some more publicity and start to expand their range. I also would *love* to see Erika or another fuller busted model (waves :p) in their range as their current one is stunning but doesn’t really represent the sizes that the range is aimed at. A work in progress there, but a fantastic piece of work.


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