The lovely Amanda from 32aa Bra has written this fabulous guest post for me. She is the complete opposite in terms of figure and bust and bra struggles and it is a really thought-provoking insight on what it is like to be in a parallel situation.
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Reading this blog, I can’t help but feel a twinge of envy towards all you girls with fabulous curves. I know, I know… it’s a serious challenge to find lingerie and clothes that fit properly when you are full-figured. But I’m on the opposite end of the size spectrum: 32A, dress size 0-2.
I have tiny breasts that haven’t changed much since they first appeared at the age of eleven. My ribs stick out more than my boobs. Fortunately I’ve managed to escape most of the teasing that many tiny-titted girls have to endure, but I still sometimes struggle with the sense that I am somehow not a real woman.
Real women have full breasts, hips and thighs. When real women look at pictures of Kate Moss at her thinnest, they may find a sense of strength and power in the fact that they don’t look like her and don’t care to. Do they react the same way when they look at me? I do love myself and my body, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt to think about this possibility.

Maybe that’s why I’m fascinated by bras; with my body type, I don’t actually need to wear one. In a certain infamous chain of US lingerie stores, sales associates tend to take one look at my flat chest and then proceed to ignore me completely.
Are they thinking I must be ill, or deformed, or just plain ugly? Do they wonder why I haven’t opted for breast implants? Or (perhaps worst of all), do they really just not see me?
It was this sort of depressing experience that lead to my current mission: to help other small-busted women find beautiful, stylish bras that fit properly. I believe it is a challenge for most women whose bodies put them significantly outside the average size range to feel comfortable shopping for lingerie.
It takes guts to question mainstream ideas about beauty and femininity, and to say to ourselves and others: “hell yes I’m a woman! And I’m damn gorgeous. I don’t need to lose weight or have saline sacks sewn into my chest to be sexy. If I can’t find flattering intimates that fit me, it is not because my body is wrong; it’s because the market hasn’t yet acknowledged that women come in a vast array of shapes and sizes.”

Well, time for a reality check: here we are. Some of us are very slender; others, proudly full-figured. We are all beautiful… and we’re not going anywhere.

Thank you Amanda for an amazing post.
What are your views and feelings on what has been said?

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