So my lovely boyfriend and I have been going out for 3 years!!!! It is shocking considering the fact that my longest relationships previous to him have been around the three-month mark! So to celebrate we are off out to dinner tonight – and so of course I decided that I needed a new dress! Having made a killing on eBay recently I decided to opt for a dress that I have lusted after ever since buying its twin:

I was after…the Red Heidi Dress!
My boyfriend’s favourite colour is red and so I felt like I had enough excuses to once again jump onto the Pinup Girl website, gaze wistfully at all the dresses but, in a moment of pure self restraint (and, I won’t lie, using just my earnings in my Paypal account and therefore only affording the one) I bought the dress in XL. My leopard version is a 2XL and is fairly spacious and so I was confident that XL would be perfect.
And so after pleading with FedEx for a redelivery this afternoon as I was working afd yesterday…the dress arrived! And oh my goodness what a dress! It fitted like a glove, although I didn’t QUITE look as sumptuous as Gia Genevieve:

But thankfully, just like her my boobs and waist were accommodated for in a perfect manner. I chose to team the dress with a black belt rather than the red one it came with as I wanted to break the colour up a bit. And so here we go, the perfect dress to hopefully wear on a perfect evening out


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