So you may have seen in previous posts that I love turquoise, long for larger cupped moulded bras and have recently become a fan of purchasing items from Poland.
Combine these things and you have…the appearance of my favourite set EVER!
I have been hearing of Ewa Michalak/Effuniak for a while now, namely due to my fellow bloggers Brittany, Sophia and Cheryl and also from some large breasted friends. I found it amazing that they made Brittany some smaller banded bras to fit her petite ribcage and I was incredulous at the fact that they seemed to make padded and moulded bras beyond a GG cup! I also LOVE the way they use different size models, including one who I can really relate too as she is very busty and voluptuous. After working out what kind of fit the bras were  and if they were generous/small cupped I settled on ordering some 80H bras, which translates as being a 36H. I had heard that the backs were very firm and so that put me off trying a 75(34). And so the bras arrived…
I opted for a plunge style and a balconette, just so I could get the feel of the bras. I unwrapped my ‘presents’ and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous girly designs.
The first bra I tried on was the CH Miętus. I liked the fact that both bras had fully adjustable straps and three hooks on the back. The bra was gorgeous on, however, I felt like it was a tad small and that the weight of my breasts were a bit of a strain on the dainty straps. Still, it gave me a great lift and shape and I would order this style again, although maybe in a 80HH/J.

The other bra I bought was the PL Turkus. I ordered this bra because…well, it was turquoise and came with retro high-waisted briefs.
Oh my goodness…I cannot fault this bra set! The lift, the way my boos stay in even when bending over (take that as you will, just like me :p) the comfortable supportive three hooked band…I could again have done with going up a cup size as I have slight side boob but again, it works well for me!  As you  can see from this photo the bra the perfect tightness, hence the slight back fat!
So all in all a fairly successful haul! I have learnt my lesson with regards to my size in EM, I have discovered that plunge bras DO WORK in larger sizes and I think I need to visit Poland!!!


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