Just before my beloved Leia in Richmond closed down (sob) the beautiful Amber ordered me in some Elomi basques to try on. She managed to get hold of a 36G in black and a 38G in white. The 38G was huge and the 36G way too small, and so the helpful assistant informed me that the massive size difference was maybe due to the fact that the black dye shrinks the items and recommended that I try to order a 38G in black (the colour I was after) from Leia Lingerie. Initially the size was out of stock, but after tweeting Leia I found that there was an option to request notification when the size became available and so I did that and a few days later I was told that it was in stock! Leia emailed and called me to inform me of this and I found that amazing, I cannot fault the way they are constantly on hand on Twitter and Facebook with advice and tips and their customer service is just fantastic! A few days later the basque, thong and hold ups arrived…and wow! It took me a fair while to do up the hooks and eyes but eventually it was on! The fit is pretty great, slightly big across my tummy but judging on my boyfriend’s reaction to the photo, ‘wow, imagine two of you in my bed wearing that’ I think it’s a winner as a bedroom set 😉  The cups are spot on but don’t give amazing cleavage, which is fine with me.  I did try to wear it strapless but unfortunately large natural boobs are a gift and a curse and I wasn’t supported.

One day I will try out this look from my Uni days again, but hopefully get it right this time!!

Elomi – keep up the good work, I love your models, outlook and products, I just wish you went bigger in the cup in a few items <3


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