One of the bra companies that I admire the most is Panache. They really listen to their customers and are always trying to make changes to suit them. They are quick to reply on their Facebook page, and recently asked whether there was a demand for sub 28 bands – and having read and seen Brittany from Thin and Curvy’s struggle I was quick to reply yes! I really hope that they start to do this as so many smaller women must be in agony in 28 and 30 backed bras.
Another thing I love is that they make padded and moulded bras up to an H cup – such as the Lula Mai bra. They realise that not all large breasted women want non padded bras and they cater for that demand with their brand Masquerade. I think they would do well to make even bigger sizes padded and moulded, and I hope that this is something that we will see in the future.
One bra that I have seen for ages and simply had to try was the Anise. I decided to go for my usual Masquerade size of 36H/16….and wow! I love it! It is the tightest bra I have ever worn and I wish I had managed to locate a 38H, but nevertheless I just love the set! It is a divine colour, the lace overlay is just exquisite and it makes my boobs look incredibly perky! I have yet to find a fault with Masquerade and I hope that panache keep on listening to their customers as they will start making waves in the industry before long and hopefully be at the forefront of many new and exciting developments with regards to sizing.


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