I have heard a lot about BiuBiu, a boob friendly clothing line but I got so confused by exchange rates and size charts that i abstained from ordering… until I saw Miss Thin and Curvy Brittany modelling this dress and then I made the effort to work out how to order! Luckily a similar sized friend recently ordered some items from BiuBiu and one of those items was the Summer City dress, a perfect fit for her in a 44BBB – and so I took the plunge…and boy am I glad I did!

This gorgeous girly dress is just a delight to touch, wear see…I can’t believe I avoided BiuBiu for so long! And as for the fit…hello waist AND boob friendly clothing! I of course added a trusty belt but it wasn’t to pull me in as the dress felt like it was made for me! Here it is without the belt:

It worked out at around £50 for the dress and posting which is not cheap for a single item, but what with BiuBiu’s frequent sales and an imminent bulk order brewing I can see myself justifying using them over and over! Pepperberry watch out, this boob friendly clothing line will soon be snapping at your heels!


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