I love dressing up.  A lot.   A combination of not minding looking like an idiot, having a boyfriend who loves to wear face paint and also a love of the theatre is probably what does it!

I seem to have dressed up as some sort of Rocky Horror character a fair bit and thought I’d just post on how I created my plus size friendly look. Apologies in advance for the Rocky Horror virgins among you, this post is really just how I took some looks and made them my own so as to flatter my larger shape.

So my love of Rocky Horror started at around 15 when my Dad decided I should watch the VHS. I was hooked! It was trippy, crazy, made little sense, had catchy songs and was slightly naughty, perfect! I am a massive musical lover and could not stop doing the Time Warp for weeks! For my 18th some years later my Mum and Dad took me and some friends to see the theatre show – and of course we went all out!

I was a lot slimmer at 18 but I still vividly remember trying on hold ups and just cringing at the way my legs looked, so I opted for fish nets and makeshift shirt to hide my thighs, and a Peacocks basque and my Dad’s tail coat jacket to hide my arms and complete the look.

A few years and a few extra kilos later I dressed up as Columbia for a friend’s ‘C’ themed party and again opted for a more reserved version of the character.

I once again opted to not wear hold ups and to wear a modest piece of material and therefore made the look more suitable to my size.

Recently a friend had a Rocky Horror themed Birthday and after consulting my boyfriend we decided to go as floor show Brad and Janet:

I managed to find everything that we needed on eBay by literally searching for the items ie ‘feather boas’ and so on. The corsets were from this seller and I got mine in 6XL, Robbie’s in 3XL. I did have to adjust mine slightly when it arrived as it was too big but other than that it was pretty perfect. I teamed mine with my Rosa Noir bra as cheap corsets + big boobs are a big no no! We both wore mock suspenders and I wore fish nets over mine to give me a bit more modesty, as well as a cheap eBay plastic/PVC skirt. I also wore a shrug as I do not like my arms to be on show!
When it came to getting ready I prepped my hair several hours before. I used a curling iron on my hair:

and then pulled the curl off the iron and just pinned it too my head:

until ta da!

Next we painted our faces white:

And then we painted in the eyes and lips
And with a bit of corset lacing and tights adjusting we were done!

It’s safe to say it was a good night!


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