So it’s safe to say that I really really REALLY hate winter. A lot. I don’t know if it’s my half Australian-ness or my love of wearing dresses but I really struggle – in particular with knowing what to wear. I find that my temperature fluctuates way too easily and I am constantly adding and removing layers! Plus there’s the problem of finding nice well fitted boots and tops to go with jeans…aargh, let me go back to Australia!
I have a few hints and tips and items of clothing that I have really found to work for me and my shape so I hope that they can be of some use to you my lovely readers!

So the first thing I found that I really struggled with was boots. Not only do I have big boobs and a large bum but I have chubby calves as well! Dog walking used to be a painful experience as wellies are pretty tight on me! All of my friends wore biker boots and slouch boots and I felt like a misfit as I could never find a pair that fit. Then I discovered Evans boots and I was a lot happier! They make boots and shoes in wide fits which is perfect as I also wear wide fit shoes! The style of boots are not what I would pick in an ideal world but I do have two pairs that have served me very well through the cold and wet weather.

This grey pair have a wedge heel and amazing grip. They are very comfy and fluffy and so perfect for when it is cold and icy. They are from last year’s collection but Evans will probably bring out something similar this year.

I wore this kitten heeled brown pair throughout Spring hope I can continue to wear them during Autumn and Winter as they are so comfy and look fab with so many different outfits.

Another item of clothing I have struggled with is jackets/blazers. I found an amazing Pepperberry pinstripe jacket in a 16SC which unfortunately was way too tight. I now have the 18SC but it is quite baggy on the waist. The new style of jacket they have out now is not really my style and so I have been scouring the high street for something that could be suitable – and today I struck lucky in Next.
I managed to find a tweed style jacket in an 18 and a black jacket in a 16 that will be perfect. I have wanted some versatile items like these for ages as they will be perfect to look smart with dresses or throw on with jeans and they are both very warm!

I have tried to find these online but couldn’t find the exact jackets to link you too but most styles were similar fitting on me so if you cannot get a store and fancy taking a risk I would give them a go. They are a little tight but in a fitted way.

And last but not least and by very popular request…my tiny top collection!
Aside from my recent Evans top post I don’t really own too many more tops. I am more of a dress girl and I also struggle to find tops long enough and flattering enough to suit me and be worn with my beloved jeggings.
However, here are my ‘Top 6’ :p
This is from Bravissimo. It is a 16SC and fits me well, although it is a tad short and a bit ‘maternity’. They do have a paisley version in Pepperberry at the moment and I would be tempted if it was a little longer. As it is it works with jeans and skirts, but it is not long enough for jeggings as it shows off that oh-so-sexy elasticated band!

This is a tunic from Evans which I either wear with jeggings or as a dress
I prefer to team it with a belt to give me some shape as otherwise it would just hang off my boobs.

Ok, yes, I am wearing my pistachio Deco with this, sorry, that flash was stronger than I thought! Rest assured I wear a darker bra when out in public!
This is from Topshop and is a size 14 and, I assume, the elastic is meant to sit lower on a lesser breasted woman, but for me it works perfectly as an empire line top, as does this similar styles top, a 12, also from Topshop:
I love both of those tops as yes, they are very patterned which can sometimes be unflattering on a larger lady, but they look fab with belts and cardis and jeans, perfectly balanced out.

Don’t judge me but yes…I do wear my boyfriend’s t-shirts! He runs a lot and has a LOT of t-shirts that I wear to bed if we have guests or just chuck on to go to the shops. Not the most flattering but tight enough to not swamp me!

This montage shows my favourite top – an empire line floral number from Miss Selfridge, very similar to my Topshop buys. It will also show my love of my knitted Ugg boots which of course fit any size of leg. I actually wear that outfit quite a lot and so the top is reaching the end of its life! But at least I know that Topshop and Miss Selfridge can at least serve me well when they have stretchy enough items in stock!!!

I am sorry for the briefness of this post but as I say when it comes to colder weather I am not very well prepared! I will continue to keep an eye out for tops and jackets that are boob friendly and will post any findings. If you have any questions or anything to add then do please comment :)


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