I don’t know if I have mentioned but…I have a thing for belts. Thanks to eBay, Primark and Evans I have enough belts to wear a different one every week! I have most colours, thicknesses, buckles, stretchynesses…I’m pretty much sorted for any outfit I choose! My belt love has been a gradual process but the more I experiment the more I see just what an essential they are!

Now I will show you five outfits that I would not leave the house in without one of my precious belts on…

This denim dress is an oldie from Dorothy Perkins. As you can see it is a tad big from the bust down and so my Primark belt is a must! I had to buy a size 20 to fit my boobs in but with my trusty belt the outfit is flattering and wearable. The shoes are from eBay.

This maxi dress is a size 18/20 from eBay. It is a gorgeous cut and already quite flattering, but my New Look belt finishes it off perfectly.

This is an old Bravissimo dress that I found on eBay. As it is a 16RC it is not a perfect fit on my boobs, so my eBay belt helps nip me in perfectly. The amazing nude heels are a very proud Next purchase. I have been hunting for a pair for ages and all I have been able to find are very high platforms – until now! These are probably my new favourites!

This Bravissimo dress is another eBay find. As you can see it is already perfectly fitted, but I would add a belt to just break it up and match the shoes, which are also from eBay. The belt is from H&M.

This white top is from Evans, as are the jeggings and belt. I used to wear t-shirts like this and it pains me now as I see the difference the belt makes and how it helps break the top up and match my eBay shoes.

I’m sorry that I could not link more items but as most are thrifted or very old pieces it would not have been possible. I would recommend scouring eBay for some belts, I just type ‘waist belt’ or something along those lines and browse the results. Primark also do fab belts.

Thanks for reading :)


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