Can I just take this opportunity to once again say thank you to you, my amazing readers, commenters and observers.  Whether you’re here because you like a lady with a lot of meat on her or here to actually read the writing you are awesome.  I get such a sense of pride every time I check my site stats and see the views flooding in.

The lovely comments, feedback, testimonials, comparisons, information, advice…it’s just astounding and so thank you all for being wonderful and not only liking what I do, but for helping me.

I have a few more boob friendly clothes line reviews in the pipeline but I was wondering – is there anything you want me to specifically write about/review/blog on? Within reason of course! Is there anything you think I could improve on? Please let me know, I am quite good at taking criticism so don’t hold back if you think I am doing something wrong!

Lots of love xxx


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