I am fed up.

For years I struggled to find clothes that fit my tits.
Then I discovered Bravissimo and I was blown away. Initially in my excitement I bought pretty much everything, but then I started to realise that not everything looked wonderful or was worth the rather high price tags. Then along came Pepperberry and I was excited once more…but with Pepperberry came the sizing changes. This was allegedly due to the fact that the ‘curvy’ customers had complained that the clothes were cut too generously…erm, I don’t mean to sound rude and bitchy but if you wear ‘curvy’ in Pepperberry then generally you probably struggle a lot less on the high street. However, if you wear ‘Super Curvy’ you are mostly screwed and rely heavily on Pepperberry – and therefore don’t enjoy being jerked away from your happy little Super Curvy world and into a harsh place where Super Curvy is now way way too tight. But the is what has happened. I used to enjoy the fact that I could click away and fill my virtual basket with 16SC goodies and know that they would be pretty much spot on. Now I find myself struggling to do the zips up whilst loving the way my waist looks in 14SC/16SC items. And the 18SCs usually look amazing…from the boobs up. If Pepperberry is ‘Designed With Your Boobs In Mind’ then what about my boobs? Judging from the forums my boobs have ended up on, my boobs are in the minds of thousands, how did Pepperberry manage to overlook them? They haven’t grown dramatically and yet this boob friendly clothing line doesn’t seem to want their business.
Another thing about Pepperberry is the way they coin themselves as a ‘aspirational brand’ and yet in the same breath they also say ‘We don’t have any plans for a plus size model but we are constantly looking for new models with bigger boobs and will continue with this search.’. So am I to gather that I should aspire to be slim, smaller breasted and tall with a bulging wallet? Hmm, not cool. They are meant to be a brand that caters for large breasted women and yet they seem to be unwilling to carry on taking profitable risks and instead are veering more towards the high street side of things. They have the world of large tittied women eating our of the palm of their ditsy printed paisley hands and yet they seem to be shunning that in favour of promoting a slim yet curvy image – which is fine, but we are not all size 6Curvy. Women with big boobs are often bigger all over and want representation – and yet when they turn to the one brand who seems to promise that all they see are clone like models! Models who definitely do not represent me – see how different the clothes look on the models and on me – my bust is more on show and the clothes just hang very differently:

If I buy clothes from plus size companies such as City Chic and Forever21+ then I am confronted with images of utterly stunning women who 200% represent the brand.

I am not for one ghastly minute suggesting that Pepperberry go ahead and use only plus sized models – heaven forbid should slim women lose their representation and plus size women start to gain some! Goodness me no! I am merely hinting that maybe Pepperberry could consider showing us women who actually fit into the clothes (just) and who do have humongous breasts and therefore show things could possibly look. It is not some sort of disease to be plus size, I actually rather like the attention my voluptuous body gives me and I do not have a problem with being called names or bullied (at least not since I left school) but I am made to feel that way by Pepperberry as they clearly do NOT want to use larger women to sell their clothes. If I did not know a thing about them and merely saw a catalogue I would assume that it was just a slightly expensive highstreet brand, I would not for one second assume my fat arse and wambambinos could take up residence in any of their outfits. Luckily I do know better but what about the women who don’t? A larger target market ready for the taking if ONLY they had their representation.
I am still mildly baffled as to why the sex goddess Erika Elfwencron was pulled from the catalogues. Apparently the clothes she modelled didn’t sell well…to be honest, I didn’t see her in many nice things but what she did wear she looked damn sexy in. Ah well, Bravissimo’s loss is Simply Yours’ gain.

I know I am not the only one who has reached breaking point with Pepperberry. This fabulous article is well worth a read.
I know that there are women out there who love and embody everything that Pepperberry stands for and represents. I also have a teeny understanding of the way fashion works and know that slim models are the norm. I may sound overly harsh but I am having a ranty rant day and felt a little put out by the way the clothing company who I campaign for in many ways are treating their customers and fans. Pepperberry is not just a clothing line, it is a necessity and way of life for so many women and it pains me that they don’t seem to want us. I know things can’t change overnight but it would be so good if they could at least set the wheels in motion. Pepperberry, be a brand that is truly aspirational, start looking after those who you seem to be shunning in many many ways.


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