So today I ventured into London to try on the new Pepperberry Autumn collection! For those who do not know, Pepperberry are Bravissimo’s ‘boob friendly’ clothing line. If you have to upsize to fit your boobs into highstreet dresses then Pepperberry is your answer…or so it should be! Unfortunately I still have to upsize in some items despite them being ‘designed with my boobs in mind’.

However, I had high hopes for some of the gorgeous new piece and so I traipsed round the shop picking up what I could in my size and then staggered off to the changing room under the weight of carrying the 30 or so items I had selected. It would have been nice for a member of staff to notice my plight but hey ho, it was a free workout.
Below are the closest/best fitting items that I could find and how my thoughts on them.

Suffice to say I did not purchase any items and felt a bit sad at what I had experienced. Mostly unflattering ill-fitting garments that I had to size up on to get my boobs into – this not what Pepperberry should be about!  I am at the larger end of the scale and in a group that needs them the most and yet I feel like I am being pushed away, not helped by the gorgeous yet very slim and similar looking models.
I was wandering down the highstreet and decided to try on two dresses from BHS and hey presto! They were perfect!

I had a little more luck with the bras in Bravissimo and despite my love of padded/moulded bras I really loved some of the ones I tried on without padding!

I would love some more feedback on what you think of Pepperberry. Do you like the clothes? The models? The sizing change? It is a shop you would use if you had smaller boobs or are you forced to shop there because of your boob size? How do you find the prices? Let me know :)


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