So as some of you probably know and have been eagerly anticipating, Freya’s new collection is out! Due to my love of the Deco I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Crystal as not only is it polka dot but it is TEAL!!! My favourite colour EVER!!! My teal/turquoise love affair knows no limits:

As ever I bought this utterly gorgeous set from Leia in Richmond as the customer service and customer reward scheme is just amazing. I stress again that if you live in the area go there for a fitting, a browse, a purchase. I am usually served by the gorgeous honest Amber who keeps me updated on new lines and even tweeted me when Crystal came in!

I was so excited that as soon as I got my set home on it went and I paraded round the flat in it for my boyfriend, much to his boredom as he sees me in far too much underwear! But there is something sexy about wearing a colour and style you adore and I felt like a real GGem in my Crystal 😉

But therein lies my problem – GG. Deco only goes up to a GG in 30-36 backs, and G in 28 and 38. I should really be wearing a 34HH in Deco but make do with a 36GG, despite it not being a perfect fit and therefore going against everything I preach! Companies like Curvy Kate make bras in a 34H, 32HH, 30J and so on and I wish Freya would do this. I understand that bras are tricky to make, especially when they get bigger as there is a lot more weight and volume to contain but there also has to be a demand to help set the wheels in motion. So Freya, I once again beg you to make bigger Decos, even if you start by just going one back down one cup up and therefore not making anything bigger, just making the backs smaller. I know a lot of women who just fit or do not fit your Decos and would happily snap up larger cup sizes. And I know a lot like me who ‘make do’ with a slightly ill-fitting bra. So please, just keep considering the idea.

Here I am in my unphotoshopped slightly boob bulging glory in my 36GG/XL Crystal. Not a perfect fit by all means but I shall make do for now.


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