As any regular reader of my blog will know I do love a good belting! They suck me in, break up an outfit and give me a great shape! However, today I took my belt obsession one step further by using two unused belts to…customise a dress!

So a few weeks ago it was my beautiful big sister’s wedding – and what an amazing day it was! She had been so stressed and worn out but everything came together so perfectly and gorgeously, the weather was amazing, everything went as planned and everyone looked fabulous!

Myself and the other bridesmaid wore gorgeous halterneck dresses in a ‘grape’ colour. My sister had wanted them to be strapless but I explained how this could be virtually impossible for me, especially as it wouldn’t be a boob friendly dress, so we settled on halterneck. When I went for my fitting it was decided that the best course of action would be to sew my strapless deco into the dress to make sure nothing was on show and that it stayed in place.

It worked very well and I remained in place all day as the wine flowed and the dancing started and the two made me wind up with a permanent booze stain down my dress! However, next to the svelte chief bridesmaid I couldn’t help but feel frumpy and shapeless in my dress. The empire line ribbon sat just on the lower bit of my boob and halternecks and huge wide shoulders like mine are never pretty.

So I set about thinking of ways to alter it (after receiving the Bride’s blessing!)
As I am fond of bright colours I decided to use a dark pink ribbon and pearl and flower detailing to make straps, offset the newly sewn sweetheart neckline and sew around the waist. It sounded amazing and I was so fired up to make this work of art that kept me up til 5am one night. However, the finished product was pretty poor and it eas decided by some honest friends that it wasn’t the best look. You could see all of my stitching and the pearls looked tacky and threatened to fall off! Plus I had a tad too much boob on show. Below shows the dress before and after:

So I decided to try again, this time with a more simplistic approach. I was hunting through my unwanted clothes for possible pieces to help me alter it and I stumbled across my unused belt from my Pepperberry ballerina dress.

I thought of maybe using it as a belt on the altered dress and removing the pink one but then noticed that the ribbons that I had added as straps had not dealt with the pressure of containing my boobs during the few times I had tried the dress on and were practically coming off. So I then decided that I would use the belt as straps! I then found the black belt from my other ballerina dress and used that as a belt on the dress. I removed the naff pearls from the neckline, made the cleavage more modest and hey presto! The belts save the day again! Never give up on an unflattering dress if you love it enough, there are always ways to make it perfect for your shape :)


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