So today I was feeling a little miserable and under the weather and ended up calling in sick to work and re-entering my cocoon. I was awoken some hours later by the postman bearing…gifts! Some tops from Evans! I had been looking forward to them for days as I had had bad luck with my Pepperberry sale tops due to them being quite short on my long-ish torso. And I was not disappointed! These were the four tops I went for:

This gorgeous black and white butterfly top.

This stunning colourful butterfly top.

This beautiful floral cape top.

And this pretty leopard print top.

However, the real test when it comes to a new item of clothing is it’s versatility. There is nothing worse than buying a new dress or pair of shoes and only thinking of one way of wearing them. However, not only were these tops simply stunning but also extremely versatile. Using just a few staple pieces from my wardrobe to accompany them I will show you how I created three looks with each top – Casual, Office and Party. I apologise for my headless images, the flu was not kind to my temperature!

So here are my ‘casual’ looks:
As you can see ‘casual’ for me basically translates to ‘jeans and no heels’. With all of these tops some sort of belt or jacket/cardi at the waist was needed but that doesn’t make an outfit look dressy, just flattering. These tops are all quite lightweight and girly and so are perfect for most types of weather.

These are my ‘office’ looks:
A fitted pencil skirt (incidentally, Evans skirts from a few years back) can make the world of difference to any outfit.  And of course tucking the tops in is not only figure flattering but also very smart.


And these are my party looks:These are my party looks.  Yes, a tad similar to the office ones but that is what’s great about these tops – they are the perfect ‘office to bar’ look as it doesn’t take much to smarten them and then dress them up further.

All in all a fabulous quad of tops – bravo Evans, funky gorgeous fashionable flattering tops, long enough to fit me, trendy enough to suit me and perfect with my trusty belts 😉


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