I don’t know about the rest of you but I am definitely guilty of snipping the sizing tags out of clothes. I work with a lot of slim gorgeous girlies and yes, they have of course seen me in my undies as I unchange, but I still don’t feel quite ready to risk that they may spot a discarded item of my clothing bearing my dress size.

It’s silly really, and it is something I try not to do – especially since I have started to use eBay a lot and a lot of people don’t take too kindly to label-less clothing. Just by looking at me it’s obvious that I am a large lady, there’s no fancy magic or item of clothing that will conceal that and I don’t know why I still feel compelled to hide a stupid number. But there is such a stigma attached to being a certain size. I will happily admit on here that I own clothes right up to a size 24 – most notably my new Evans dress. Of course I can blame that boobs and the bum for that, but I cannot escape the fact that I am overweight.
In today’s society it is so hard to know where to fit in and what is the ‘norm’. Every other person I know used the gym or does some other form of exercise – my boyfriend runs over 70 miles a week! There are so many articles telling us that this or that celebrity has put on weight, has love handles, has cellulite and so on and so forth. And then there are articles that suddenly scream out about how some celebs have become too skinny and boney – huh?

Every other article tells us how to lose five pounds, how to tone up, how to look bikini perfect, constant obsessions with weight loss – and for what? Yes of course it is common sense to realise that being overweight is unhealthy and therefore that losing weight is healthy – but at what cost? If losing weight were all that simple then most of us would be perfect and slim, running everywhere, gorging on fruit and closing down elevators.
But the fact of the matter is that it is not so easy to lose weight or keep it off. It can be depressing and boring – exchanging drunken nights out for tap water, swapping pasta for pulses, trading chocolate for fresh fruit – and besides, not everyone wants to be slim. There are so many websites, dating sites, porn sites and many other things out there that worship and adore ‘BBW’s – Big Beautiful Women.

There are some  women purposefully gain or maintain weight to be more desirable to ‘Chubby Chasers’, the adoring men.  Part of the size issue is feeling like you will not be found sexy by the opposite sex – but if the opposite sex likes you at the weight you are then you have little motivation to change yourself.   I myself have ended up on many BBW forums via this blog, something which does not offend me, I find it quite a compliment! This is not to say I wish to gain more weight – far from it, but it is nice to see that women of my size are celebrated and called sexy within certain circles, and not just told to lose weight.
People can gain weight for all sorts of reasons – trauma, depression, boredom. And they can also lose it for the same reasons. So who are we all to judge someone on what size they wear and how they look? Some people are busy parents, work long hours in offices, have various illnesses and so on and so forth. We can be given all the exercise plans and regimes in the world and we can still end up feeling disgruntled when stepping on the scales.

I hate to sound like a cliché – but life is for living, not for saving up and having no fun. Of course we should all stay active and eat healthy, but I know that personally, if I was given an ultimatum,  I’d rather stay as I am and be happy rather than make myself miserable due to going over my calorie intake plan or not being able to work out. I have had many amazing experiences in my life – sky dives, white water rafting, quad biking, getting tattoos I’d always dreamed of, falling in love, falling in lust, entering competitions, taking chances, taking risks, staying out all night, waking up drunk…and I don’t regret a single one. I want to live my life relishing in the experiences presented to me, and if I live it happily overweight then so be it.

Stay happy, stay healthy, and remember: size shouldn’t matter all too much, it’s how you wear it.


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