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Many women refuse to admit to being a larger cup size or even get re fitted due to that simple fact that big bras are expensive! Here is an example below – a Peacocks entire set is ten pounds, whereas one Masquerade bra is £33. The Peacocks set only goes up to a D, the Masquerade to an H:

It is no wonder that a lot of women stubbornly remain in their 38DD ill fitting bras rather than indulging in some new 34G pricey properly supportive bras. However, I want to show you that ill fitting bras are destructive in so many ways and that there are cheap large bras to be found out there.

So as I have discussed in previous posts there are several signs that can tell you whether your bra is the wrong size for you. The most common ill fit is wearing a bra that is too big in the band and too small in the cup. If you can pull the back band of a fairly new bra a few inches away from your body then the band is too big and will be unsupportive.

If the central gore is not lying flat against your chest then the band is too big and you are not getting the correct support.

If the band is riding up your back and it not parallel with the front of the bra then it will be lower down at the front and is firstly unsupportive and secondly means your boobs are hanging lower. It means that the band is too big.

If the underwire is sitting on your breast tissue and not under it then it will give you an ugly shape under clothes and not support you properly. The cup is too small.

If your boobs are bulging over the top of the bra then again, you will have an unsightly silhouette and your cups are too small.

Here is a perfect example of a before and after bra fitting and what a difference it makes. This woman looks slimmer, more shapely, her boobs looks awesome and I bet you it made so much difference to her confidence: Buying yourself a new, well fitting supportive bra is like getting an uplift, only a lot cheaper and without any pain. Yes the bras may be expensive but that is due to the amount of engineering that has to go into larger cupped bras in order for them to give support and uplift to larger heavier breasts. This then also means that the bras are better quality and will last a lot longer than the cheaper high street bras – provided you treat them well and take care when washing them and NEVER tumble dry them! I recently took a 34DD friend to be fitted as I could not stand the sight of her six boobed back riding torso – and sure enough, she was a 30GG. As we were in Bravissimo the fitting was followed by a happy shopping trip where she spent a lot of time marvelling at her uplifted double g’s! After I left her she went off to buy two more bras – and then went home and cleared out her drawer – atta girl, made me proud! But with her the issue was not that she refused to buy pricey bras, but more that she couldn’t firstly fathom that she could be over a double D, nor that she could be smaller than a 34 back. I used to be a lot like that, not understanding the bra sizing concept, not realising that a 30H is not the same volume as a 38H.  The ‘H’ is just an indication of the difference in proportions between the underbust and over bust measurements.  These women help show that you can be a larger cup size than someone else and yet still have smaller boobs:

Brittany from Thin and Curvy gives some perfect bra fitting advice, so if you are still unsure why not check out what she has to say.
And of course, my heroes Bravissimo have never given a bad bra fitting.

Now that I have demonstrated how bad fitting bras look and why you should avoid them, let me show you a few bargainous big bra sites you can use to make that slightly more costly but not bank breaking transition into the well fitted world.

Brastop are just amazing. I have never seen so many cheap top brands in one place. They have a lot of offers and deals, for UK and overseas customers so keep an eye on the Facebook group for codes and promos.

Lovebras are part of the Brastop group and you often find deals on there that cannot be found on Brastop.

My fellow blogger Sophia recently ordered with (and blogged about) Celebrar who are also a fabulous cheap site.

Simply Yours often have some fab sales on – but also sell this gorgeous bra which I find amazingly supporting and super cute. It doesn’t give a drop dead amazing cleavage, but it works well as a basic bra.

Amazon and eBay are also top places to find amazing deals. Of course you can find some fabulous second hand bargains, but there are also outlet stores on there that sell old stock very cheaply.

I hope that this post has been both informative and useful when it comes to bra fitting and buying. Do not hesitate to leave me any questions and comments.
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Keep rocking your curves x


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