Ok, so we’ve all heard of the LBD – Little Black Dress, but I am quite a colourful dresser and I rarely go out in black dresses and so am not too concerned with finding ‘the one’ when it comes to the LBD. But unwittingly I found my perfect LRD today – my Little Red Dress.

I was in Pepperberry with a friend who SWORE she was a 34DD and yet is now…a 30GG! So I made her try lots of bras and dresses on and she was amazed and in heaven – she can wear size 8 dresses again and boy oh boy does she have some killer curves! I wish I could show you how divine this dress looked on her – size 8SC that showed off her teeny waist and sizeable booty and bust to perfection! I made the mistake of giving one a go myself…doh!

and did not manage to look as drop dead gorgeous and figure flattering in it as she did – but I was not disheartened and decided to try the Red Corsage Dress. The only size that was close to my own was a 16RC and so I was a little dubious but I thought what the heck, it’s stretchy, I’ll give it a go.

I fell in love.

It skimmed my lumps and bumps to perfection, looked great with my dark hair, is a perfect length with a fabulous crossover neckline, looked great with a skinny belt – what a perfect dress! I had found my LRD and it was a stunner! I could easily see myself wearing it out in the day or dressing it up to go out in at night, I salute you Pepperberry, what a divine creation <3


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