So, as you may well gather from the slightly cheesey title this blog is about… Evans!
Evans seem to have a reputation of making safe unfashionable clothes for large unfashionable women. Clothes that don’t tend to flatter or look sexy, just clothes that fit the larger lady. I have to say I have been guilty of this way of thinking, and used to sneak in and out of my local store, embarrassed that someone would see me and laugh. But over the years I have come to see another side to Evans. Of course in every store there are clothes that people don’t like or have an opinion of, but you should wear the clothes, they shouldn’t wear you and if you know what suits you and how to wear it and accessorize it then you can make an outfit your own. I always used to use Evans for boots that fit my calves, work skirts and summer cotton trousers as I found them good quality and a great fit.
Back in January when I was lucky enough to partake in a ‘Plus-Size-Tall’ competition that was sponsored by Evans. We were given an Evans voucher with which we were meant to get some of required outfits with. As I already had my LBD I used my voucher to get my jeans and white top, the outfit of choice for the first half of the competition. When I entered the shop I was dismayed to initially only find very baggy jeans and tops in my size, but then with some hunting I struck lucky and came across some jeggings and an empire line white top – and of course a great selection of belts to finish the look off! Ta-da, an outfit that screamed me! When I got to the competition and met the other amazing ladies and saw them change into their jeans and t-shirts I saw that these fashion savvy lovelies were also very clued up on what suited their figures and would shop to find items that did them justice, not just items that fitted. My perception of Evans shifted.

After the competition I started to follow the Facebook group and saw how so many women would post gorgeous photos of amazing flattering outfits and I realised that there are a lot of plus sized women out there who are body confident and do know what suits them – but there are also a lot who don’t post photos as they don’t know what suits them, and they shop to dress themselves in anything then can find, sometimes without even trying things on. At a recent Focus Group I attended it was obvious that Evans are very aware of this and really want to change things. They want to make shopping enjoyable, not a chore. They want women to know how to dress to flatter their gorgeous curves, and not just pick up the first thing in their size. And they want women to know what sort of body shape they are lucky enough to have and to know what kind of clothing suits them. All of the women I met at the Focus Group were just so passionate about what they are creating, they really do listen too their customers and they really do know what to do to keep on providing excellent service for them. Evans is a brand that exists for women of every age and it can be hard to provide excellent products for such a broad range of tastes but I think that when you really look at the collections you see that they are doing so well, I just wish the Evans Facebook group was a little more positive towards what Evans have and are trying to achieve. They are a lifeline for so many women who do not fit into high street sizes and I think they are evolving wonderfully from the days of ‘Evans Outsize’. They are definitely ones to watch in the fashion stakes as they have had some exciting new developments with regards to getting Suzanne Clements and Ignacio Ribeiro on board. It is so refreshing to see a clothing brand take such an interest in providing the best for its customers, don’t give up on Evans just yet!

Here are my favourite dresses from the new collection.

I think these dresses are a must have for every body type and can be worn for so many occasions – weddings, a day out in the sunshine, clubbing – amazing gorgeous girly dresses, so fashionable and so not what I used to think Evans would make! I urge every Evans girl to grab at least 2 and have a good twirl in them!

So what is your opinion of Evans? Frumpy tasteless clothes or stylish plus size wear? What do you make of the amazing new imminent developments? Let me know :)


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