So following on from an amazing Focus Group that I went too at Evans I have been inspired to write the article about dressing different body shapes. Evans will be starting to focus more on shape when it comes to their clothing which I think is an amazing breakthrough and fab idea. I will be writing more about my Evans love in a later blog.

Fashion shows often talk about 4 body shapes:

But my post today will be about 5 types, using the assistance of some of my gorgeous shapely friends:

My gorgeous hourglass, Sophia.

My beautiful apple Bethan.

The lesser represented and totally stunning top heavy Paris.

My sexy tube Heather.

And my pretty pear Serena.

I will discuss what kind of clothing and styles suits them best. These are not set in stone must follow rules, but simply tips I have picked up and feel work well for these shapes.

I shall begin with the Hourglass.
The features of an hourglass are often that they are almost equally top and bottom heavy with a small waist. This does not mean that they are ‘plus size’, just that their bust and hip measurements are often similar in number and their waist is a good deal smaller.
Some examples of hourglass celebs:

Hourglasses are  busty and therefore need to dress to flatter the bust.
Nothing too baggy that hangs off the bust should be worn, as this can swamp a larger chest and add dress sizes. Some larger chested women find it hard to flaunt their assets and favour hiding them away, but these are features that can look amazing if tastefully dressed.
Scoop necks, sweetheart necklines and v necks can help flatter the bust.
Busy, large or long necklaces can draw too much attenion to the chest, simple necklaces work best.
Large pockets on the bottom or hips can add inches and should be avoided.
Shapewear is essential for hourglasses who prefer tighter outfits as everything is smoothed out and gorgeous looking.
It is always good to try to emphasise the waist with belts or nipped in clothing.
Hourglasses are fairly hippy or have large bottoms which is why a-line skirts and dresses work well as they skim out over and shape these areas.
Skinny jeans and jeggings are said to be a no no as making the legs look slim can make the top half look so much bigger, however I am guilty of breaking that rule.
Flared jeans are recommended to balance out the top half.
Patterns can work but nothing too big that can swamp or hide the proportions.
This is the lovely Sophia modelling some outfits (and undies) to show off her gorgeous hourglass proportions:

And now onto Apples.
Apples often carry their weight around the middle and their strengths lie in their  shapely legs.
These are some apple shaped celebs:

Apples should avoid anything that is too fitted or too flared over the tummy as both can make them look bigger.
Waist belts can really work well for them, creating the illusion of a small waist.
They should dress to show off their legs and curves as they are the strong points.
They should avoid very busy patterns on top contrasted with dark plain bottoms.
Plain tops/tunic/dresses with patterned bottoms/tights/skirts will really helps balance out their proportions.
Layering tops can help break up the midsection and have a slimming effect.
Bootleg trousers can help balance an apple figure out.
Shorts and mini skirts will show off a good pair of legs, especially when teamed with some knee high boots to help proportion the figure.
My gorgeous girly will now perfectly demonstrate which looks work on her lovely figure:

Time for some Top Heavy tips!
Top Heavy girls are just like hourglasses; busty but with slim hips and small bums.
Here are some top heavy celebs:

They should try to balance out a full bust with patterned bottoms.
They should also try to flatter the bust line and chest and not swamp the bust too much.
Wearing something fitted on top and something flared on the bottom works very well – such as a circle dress or a tank top and culottes.
Wearing a dark colour on top and something paler on the bottom helps slim a larger bust and add volume to smaller hips.
Patterned skirts or bottoms are very flattering.
Empire lines are extremely flattering as they will cascade down from under the bust and, if it is an empire line dress, not flare out as top heavies are not very hippy.
Flared trousers will also work well for top heavy girls.
A-line dresses that sit just above the knee will always work best on a top heavy girl, provided the neck line is right and that gorgeous waist gets shown off.
Here is the fabulous Paris flaunting it with style:

And now for the beautiful Tube.
Tube figures are quite up and down with the shoulders, waist and hips being similar measurements. They have so many options when it comes to clothes that this is probably one of the best figures to have!

Some tube shaped celebs:

Tubes can create an hourglass figure with ease by using belts on dresses, tops and tunics of most lengths and styles.
Most patterns and designs work for them as long as the clothing has some structure.
Masculine dressing styles can work quite well on this body shape as high neck lines give the illusion of a bust and boyfriend fit trousers create hips and curves.
Using belts can create a gorgeous silhouette and shape.
Baggy jumpers with skinny jeans can look very trendy and flatter the boyish figure.
You can’t really go wrong with this figure – and my lovely Heather shows me how you can get it oh so very right, she has yet to make a fashion faux pas:

And now onto the Pear.

Pears have smaller busts and shoulders and larger hips and bottoms.
Here are some celebrity pears:

Pears are the opposite of top heavies.
They should wear loose tops to give the illusion of a balanced shape.
They should wear fitted trousers to avoid adding more bulk to a bottom heavy figure.
Waist belts worn round a loose blouse can help give a wonderful shape.
Wearing boob tubes or something without some sort of strap can emphasise a heavy bottom half and should be avoided.
Shoulder pads add volume and work very well on pears.
Chunky necklaces can make the top half look busier and give the illusion of a fuller bust.
Figure hugging strapless number can help show off those slim shoulders whilst not drowning and swamping the hips.
Busy patterned tops and dark plain bottoms are perfect on pears.
Horizontal stripes on the top half work very well.

The beautiful Serena shows off her pear shape perfectly:


I hope that this has been somewhat educational and useful.  I’d be interested to hear any tips you have or avoid for your own body shapes :)


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