It’s a bold title, I know, but I have been blown away by Freya’s Ritual. What’s not to like about this divine creation…it is fairly girly but not overly, it has a gorgeous tattoo print, it gives the most AMAZING shape and uplift, despite being non padded and not halterneck, the string bottoms are perfect for those with a little more to love who don’t like that cut in look…and the whole set cost me £35!!! My only gripe is that this is 36GG, the largest cup and I *wish* there was 36H/HH as my side boob is slightly escaping, but I can cope with that! Having raved about my Pour Moi Azure for so long I feel like I am betraying it slightly but I can’t help it, my neck gets a break, my boobs look uplifted and my tattoos are complimented, nice one Freya.


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