So yesterday my two-year old Black Deco broke, much to my utter sadness :(

And as I was due a free bra due to my Leia Lingerie loyalty card being full up I went instore to obtain a new Deco. The lovely smiling lady greeted me, and advised that I use my stamp to indulge myself. She told me about the Fauve Rosa that to her was a tad firmer in the back than a Deco, a bit more spacious in the cup and as plungey and smooth as a Deco. I was hooked. I tried it on and found it was utterly perfect. As the cups looked so huge I was worried about it showing under a low-cut dress but it is perfect! Having been used to my slightly smallish Decos this was a pure luxury and I HAD to get it! And of course as it was free it made it a perfect bra!
It has gorgeous little crystal-like pendants on the central gore and on the thong and some stunning detailing on the side of the cups.

I have never tried Fauve before but they are definitely a brand I will not over look in the future. This bra is soon to come out in black and it may well replace my Deco lust – until they bring out bigger cup sizes 😉


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