If you have read my previous posts you will have seen that I love halternecked padded swimwear, despite the fact that most of my swimwear is around 38G as you don’t tend to find anything padded beyond a G. However, Leia in Richmond’s current swimwear sale plus my recent back problems plus this heat wave equals…a sensible yet gorgeous purchase by me!!! I adore the shop as the staff know me and my deco obsession well and are completely lovely and helpful. I would recommend it to any ladies in the area as a fabulous place to be fitted and receive awesome advice. They never ever force a sale and are 100% honest about how things look – even telling me off as I try to squeeze my assets into 34GG decos and telling me to try elsewhere for a 36GG!
So today I went in looking for a shoulder strap bikini and tried on 4 of them, plus Freya Pier in green as I have wanted to try it for aaaages!
Four of them were failures, all 36GG, all giving me varying amounts of extra boobs, spaced out boobs and so on and so forth:

However, just as I was despairing and panicking that I would never find the perfect bikini for neck relief I tried on this…

No side boob…non padded yet still a great and slightly uplifted shape…funky print…wow!! Fantasie, you geniuses! I would HIGHLY recommend this to, well, everyone! They have a gorgeous strapless bikini top as well which I would love but my melons are not that well trained. I really hope they bring out another version of this with *hint* turquoise spots as this is one stunning design! Now come on sun, don’t disappear just yet, I’ve got some tanlines to work on!


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