Soooooo, as I am packing up and selling my unloved clothing on eBay I thought I would pay tribute to my ill fitting but gorgeous Showgirl sets by Curvy Kate with this blogpost. Ill fitting due to my boobies being too big for the 34H bras *sob* and the fact that I have far too many sets which could be classed as ‘boudoir’ to justify me keeping them all.
As I have mentioned before, Curvy Kate are a complete godsend for us bustier women – D+ and gorgeous, for larger boobs only! Their Showgirl sets are absolutely exquisite, so much so that they just keep on bringing out more colours – they know they’ve got a good thing going and it just keeps on getting better. I keep hoping they will bring out 34J’s for sale *hint* as I am lusting after this number, modelled by the hottie and this year’s Star In A Bra queen Lizzie Haines.

I found the Showgirl range flattering on any colouring and shape, demonstrated perfectly by my fellow Star In A Bra finalist and utter sexpot Kelly Park and bloggers and curve queens Becky Mount and Cheryl Warner. These were my five favourite sets as I love the colour combos.

(Please excuse my face in these photos!)

Every girl should own at least one Showgirl set but they are addictive! I also find that back to be a tad big so I need a 34J in them compared to needing a 36H in Panache.



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