So, this weekend was my sister’s Hen Do. I usually associate Hen Do’s with a lot of drinking, inflatable willies and maybe a stripper but oh no, this was much much more…

We started at 0845 when my sister’s fiance drove us to Southampton to Go Ape, a tree swinging ladder climbing extravaganza. I decided to pack my 36H Freya Active Underwire sports bra, and when I turned up and saw what lay ahead I was glad I did. Zip wires, jumping into nets, crawling through tunnels – not great activities if you have to constantly worry about tucking your boobs back in or holding them in place.

What’s great about this sports bra is that it doesn’t give that pointy boob look that some can, and whilst I am not one to be overly vain whilst working out, this is not a look I feel happy with rocking:

This is how the bra looked on me:

Having 4 sets of hooks and eyes is great for peace of mind and you feel very secure. This bra does come up very tight in the band and despite being a 34HH/J in most Freya products, I found that this in a 36H was the perfect mix of comfort and support. Here is a little montage to show what happens when being active in the bra (and by active I mean ‘jumping off my sofa’)

(yes those are my chins)
As you can see there is some movement but they still remain safe inside – a fabulous sports bra through and through.

After some pottery painting:

and belly dancing:

It was time to get ready to go out! As I was opting for a tight dress I decided to try out my new Maidenform Shapewear. I decided to try this one out as it had shorts attached and I was finding my other shapewear that had just a skirt attached a bit annoying as it would roll up and look a bit unsightly. I was apprehensive to try this one out as I feared that the shorts would cut into my not-so-tiny thighs – but it fitted like a dream:

And as the night progressed and the willy shaped objects came out:

and I started to get tipsy it was a joy to not have to worry about adjusting my shapewear. The only problem was…using the loo as it has an overlapped hole to allow you to go without stripping, but it did feel like you were still fully dressed…however, it is still the best piece of shapewear I have ever worn and I felt happy and confident all night.

We finished the weekend with a trip to a spa the next day, and after my aching muscles were pleasantly pulverized by a lovely masseuse I went for a swim and some time in the steam room in my trusty 38G/16 Azure Poir Moi dark blue bikini.

It is rather loose in the back but perfect in the cup – a bikini to sunbathe in but not jet ski! I WISH Pour Moi would make bigger cup sizes but for now it still remains the best bikini I have ever owned. I am considering getting a tankini version for those days when I want a bit more coverage and I own this in turquoise as well. I prefer the tie side pants and clip back bikini to the turquoise version in which I got a tie bikini and regular bottoms but that’s just me.

All in all a perfect weekend <3


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