Soooo, as you probably know I am a ‘Braviberry’ addict and love to shop at Bravissimo and Pepperberry as their clothes actually FIT ME! I used to be a bogstandard 16SC in most things, however due to a recent smidge of weight loss I found myself fitting into a size 14SC dress…that is until the zipper got to boob height and refused to continue its journey upwards…
However, I refused to be disheartened and due to there being no larger dresses in store at that time I decided the order the dress in an 18SC as there really was a large gap between the two halves of the zip. Well it fitted around the boobs, but as you can see the body drowned me! And the brown belt that it came with was huge on me so I tried to add my own but it just didn’t work:

I also bought two other dresses in the same shipment, also both in 18SC as I had resigned myself to the fact that 16SC was no longer for me.
This dress did not even fit my boobs and a belt was needed to give me my figure back:

Ditto with this gorgeous maxi dress:

I love Bravissimo, I love the concept, the niche they fill…but it seems as though Pepperberry are downsizing and may soon size me out if clothes continue to not fit my bust in my usual size, and drown my body when they fit my bust. They have been quoted as saying something along the lines of ‘We want our Pepperberry customers to choose to shop with us because they love our clothes and not because they have to because of their boobs’ – well I do love your clothes as they are elegant and demure, but my boobs may make it impossible to continue shopping with you! The introduction of ‘Super Duper Curvy’ sounds great, but it has been said to just be what the old SC was as the sizes are becoming smaller. Come on Pepperberry, you’ve got the monopoly on the busty lady market, don’t turn your loyal followers away, you were doing so well.

Do you feel the same? Or has the new sizing not affected you? Let me know your thoughts and feedback x


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