Following a debate with some fellow bloggers recently and after reading this I decided to make this video:

I am hoping that it will help dispel the myths that Simply Yours still believe in.

I just want to talk about cup sizes…
If someone is wearing a 28G and someone else is wearing a 38G this does not mean that they have the same volume of bust. Cup size is a representation of the difference in measurements between the underbust size and the measurement round the fullest part of the bust:

So someone with a 38 back with the same volume as someone with 28G boobs will require a 38D bra, as proportionally their boobs will not be as large as the smaller framed person.
This is because a 28G has the same cup volume as a 30FF, a 32F, a 34E, a 36DD and a 38D. This should help to show how when we have to downsize or upsize in the band depending on the brand we are using, we also have to do the same in the cup.
I find, for example, that Panache bras come up quite snug in the band and therefore I wear a 36H in them. However, I find that Curvy Kate come up quite loose in the band and smallish in the cup when it comes to their Showgirl range and so I downsize to a 34 back which should mean that I would need an HH cup to get the same cup volume as a 36H, but I instead need a 34J as the cup sizes do run a tad smaller than Masquerade.

I hope that this post is useful, please feel free to post and comment and ask any questions.

I hope that Simply Yours abolish this awful fitting guide and start doing things in the proper ways that companies such as Bravissimo do.

Thank you for reading and watching x


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