I recently received my Pour Moi Miami bikini:

I got this from a lovely seller on eBay – free very fast delivery with a voucher enclosed that gave me money off a future purpose, it was a pleasure to deal with them. However, as my badly photoshopped dimply collage shows, the bottoms in a size 16 are way too small and giving me the dreaded ‘muffin top’. I have found Pour Moi to usually be pretty generous in the pants department but this was just too tight for my 48 inch bottom. The 36G top is not my usual padded ‘vava voom’ choice of boob holder. I did find it a touch small with a bit of double boobage that is not easy to see in the photos – but still generous enough for a G to work as there is nothing bigger. I do have two Azure Pour Moi bikinis which I love and will be reviewing soon – and it seems that I really only feel comfortable with padding to give me that lift and shape. When I showed this bikini photo to some friends they mostly loved it and I think with my bust size I need to start accepting that I can’t always have padded moulded pert cleavagey boobs and that it is ok and acceptable to wear something like this bikini, but for now I want to stick to the comfort of that extra material.

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