When I was at college I became conscious of my ever-growing boobs and how they looked and also how they would tell everyone what the temperature was…embarrassing! As my Mum bought me cheap 38F ASDA non padded bras I had to resort to wearing two to get the shape and coverage I desperately wanted.
When I got to Uni my friends urged me to try a padded bra…and that is when I discovered La Senza and bought two padded bras and wore them to death!
However, over the years as my boobs have grown it has become increasingly difficult to sate my padded addiction – as I said in my earlier post I ‘make do’ with 36GG Decos  made by Freya Lingerie , but I constantly have to tuck myself back into them and re jiggle things around to keep my boob number as the required two. I know a lot of larger chested women prefer non padded bras and that some are worried that padding makes a larger chest look bigger – which I haven’t found, I just find the combined shape, uplift and coverage to be my preference. However, I can’t believe that I am the only G+ cupped girl to wish that more padded and moulded bras would be made in my size.
Curvy Kate allowed me to trial this 34J:

And I love that it feels like it was made for me – however, it has not been released yet and I’m not sure when it will be.
I wish that more companies, for examply my beloved Freya would make plunge and padded bras and bikinis for us larger cupped ladies. I understand that the process gets trickier the larger that boobs are but as Curvy Kate have proven it is not impossible. I know I am not alone in wanting this – so if you feel the same then why not drop me a comment and who knows – this could be a bravolution!!!


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